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While others upgrade, we innovate from the gound up

Join us and help drive our mission of building the best products.

Company values

Our company culture

Innovation and Adaptability

At Alicent, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible. We value the curiosity that drives innovation and the adaptability to embrace evolving technology landscapes.

Collaboration and Teamwork

We believe that great things happen when we work together. Collaboration is at the heart of how we operate, ensuring diverse perspectives are valued and every voice is heard.

Integrity and Transparency

Integrity is the cornerstone of our culture. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical standards, ensuring our business practices are fair, honest, and respectful to all.

Excellence and Quality

We are passionate about delivering excellence and quality in everything we do. Our team is committed to delivering the best possible outcomes for our clients and partners.

Customer Centricity

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We are dedicated to understanding their needs and delivering solutions that exceed their expectations.

Empowerment and Growth

We are committed to empowering our team members to grow and develop. We provide opportunities for continuous learning and growth, ensuring everyone can reach their full potential.

Open positions

Current job openings

Design & UX, Engineering

User experience and design are top priorities at Alicent.

5 openings
Product Engineer

Responsible for our core product and end-to-end customer experience.

Product / Helsinki, Finland

AI Engineer

Develop and maintain our AI features and infrastructure.

Product / Helsinki, Finland

UI/UX Designer

Design and prototype our user interfaces and experiences.

Product / Helsinki, Finland

Software Engineer

Develop and maintain our core product and infrastructure.

Product / Helsinki, Finland

Open Application

We are always looking for top talent. Let us know why you would be a great fit!

Other / Any

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